What is Brand Management?

As part of any successful marketing strategy, Brand Management describes the techniques used to influence the perception customers have of a particular brand.

In other words, the goal is to control the “branding” of a product or service and giving it a positive, trustworthy reputation (or image) in the eyes of potential customers. Defining and implementing a brand strategy is usually a long-term process. When brands are strong, well-known and trusted in their market, other advertising activities become much more successful.

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What does a Brand Manager do?

As a Brand Manager, your goal is to influence the perception of a brand among its customers and potential customers. You keep an eye on market trends and monitor advertising and promotion activities to make sure that the company’s or product’s brand values are reflected adequately.

Because you communicate with many internal and external stakeholders, this position can be very demanding, but is also very exciting. And in a Brand Marketing study program, you will learn all theories and methods you will need on the job.

Why should I study Brand Management at university?

Brand Management is a function of marketing, so the basics are included in most Business degrees and all Marketing degrees.

But if you are really determined to start a career in Brand Management, a specialized degree is the smarter option. Usually, specialized Brand Management degrees are offered at the Masters level. You will stand out among graduates from other subjects with more and deeper knowledge in the field, and it will be easier to find a job after university.

Where can I study Brand Management?

Study programs with a focus on Brand Management are offered at a handful of universities across Europe. A few are available at the Bachelor level, and most at the Master level. The following universities offer Brand Management degrees:

  • Brand University of Applied Sciences (formerly Brand Academy) (in Hamburg, Germany)
  • Middlesex University London (in the United Kingdom)
  • Rennes School of Business (in France)

Where can I work with a Master in Brand Management?

Career options for Brand Management graduates are available across all industries, and most prominently where marketing has evolved into a brand-centric activity, for example:

  • fashion,
  • luxury goods,
  • cars,
  • cosmetics,
  • high-priced consumer goods,
  • and many others

If you want to get an idea, let the world’s top brands inspire you. It’s also not uncommon to get a job at a marketing consultancy, where you would often work with many different clients, enabling you to learn even more.

The typical job titles for entry-level graduate jobs are e.g. Junior Brand ManagerAssistant Brand ManagerJunior Brand Consultant, or Product Marketing Manager.


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