Geo tagging and targeting is your allies

Social media platforms may have global reach, but they also allow you to go very granular with your marketing. Facebook lets you add a map to your business page and tag specific address. You can also opt to share your location when publishing updates. Instagram is even simpler – you can add a variety of geotags both to your stories and your posts, so that people exploring the local can see your content.

Furthermore, both platforms have very precise geolocation targeting options for paid advertising campaigns. You can choose to pitch your services only to people who are in your state, city or even neighborhood. Or you can set geofencing ads – a digital boundary around certain areas that are of interest to you (e.g. Upper West Side, NYC) or that are close to your physical location. Once a customer that matches your demographics requirements steps inside the fence, they’ll be served with your ads.

 Use social listening tools

Initially, social listening was limited to whenever a company or business was mentioned anywhere on the web. Newer technologies now have social media listening and monitoring tools that are location-based. And they can be utilized by entering keywords, not just business names. So, when a Facebook user reaches out to his community for recommendations for “painters in Jacksonville,” you will be alerted and can access that post with a brand promotion response, along with a link to your website.

 Try location-based advertising

Apart from purchasing ads on social media, you can also experiment with local PPC or direct paid-for advertising (if your budget will allow). For instance, if you are looking for strategies to grow your plumbing company in Orlando, you can experiment with geo-targeting in several residential areas  – Lake Eola Heights, College Park, Wadeview Park – to see where you are getting the best results. You can adjust your campaign and display ads only in specific locations and even within a certain radius. Don’t forget to enable location extensions in your ads as those will immediately display a your business address, phone number and a map of your location within the ad, making it even easier for a customer to reach you.

 Segment your target audience by interests 

Facebook also allows you to create audience profiles by interest and target people who are already following some brand or business. For instance, if you are an interior designer, you might want to find the page of a local furniture retailer or decor shop and chose to target their followers with your ads. Chances are that people who recently bought a lot at Home Depot are doing some renovations. The leads you gain through clicks are warm-to-hot – people actually looking for a product or service you are selling.

So if you have some marketing budgets to spare, don’t discard social media altogether. When done right, such campaigns can help you attract a lot of new clients and make your brand (or personal) name more recognizable among the local crowd.


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