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Ninety-one percent customers report being more likely to engage with a brand that takes their individual needs into account when providing special offers and promotions.

Advanced personalization is the present and the future of ecommerce, social media and content marketing. It generates more sales, builds customer loyalty and drives impulse shopping. Above all, it fuels a customer-centric approach to marketing.

In this article let’s talk through six examples in action that demonstrate how personalized marketing can be embraced through existing and growing third-party solutions.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Create personalized experiences based on the traffic source (e.g. certain seasonal social media campaigns)
  • Use AI-driven platforms to analyze your customers’ behavior and create custom product recommendations
  • Create personalized experiences for returning customers. Specifically, target your on-site call-to-actions to each returning user. There are a few powerful ecommerce solutions that allow this functionality.
  • Create dynamic email recommendations based on past engagement experiences, e.g. ebook downloaded, link clicked, etc. (There are a few email automation platforms available now that can handle these personalized email campaigns for you)
  • Set-up personalized sales funnel to engage a customer better at each step
  • Create personalized content recommendations to better match each user’s needs and interests

Show Tailored and Seasonal Content with Duda

Duda, a web development platform for agencies, offers a scalable personalization feature that triggers custom content or forms based on a variety of triggers (e.g. a user’s location or a specified URL).

Duda personalization

The personalization options are almost endless: For example, you can show your Twitter followers a custom offer or a personalized popup. Or you can display a notification bar at the top of your site announcing an event that only includes your social media community. For seasonal social media campaigns, you can add special effects such as falling hearts (if you are running a Valentine’s Day campaign on Instagram).

Personalize Product Recommendations with Monetate

Having been around for awhile, Monetate has become an incredibly powerful and well known customization tool for marketers in every niche. It works by segmenting, monitoring and analyzing customer habits.


Then it tailors recommendations based on their buying and browsing habits, so you can make sure only the products most likely to be purchased are being seen. An exciting update has come from the Monetate camp, as well: they will be joining forces with both Kibo and Certona to make a full marketing platform.

Create Custom Experiences for Return Users with Finteza

We all know that the most important weapon in your arsenal is the returning customer/visitor. Finteza is a great tool that allows you to create automatic, customized CTA and ads that aim towards those who have been on your site in the past.

Finteza add goal

It uses every visit as an opportunity to further increase the knowledge of each user, so the content gets better and better suited to their tastes and needs.

Thanks to a distributed network of servers, Finteza’s script doesn’t impact your website performance.

Personalize Sales Funnels with Pure360

For those who own ecommerce sites specifically, Pure360 is a must have. It uses each visit, either first time or returning, to analyze browsing habits. This allows the tool to automatically optimize web pages in real-time to drive each visitor to conversion.


Pure360 auto generates marketing content on the site and through email (you gotta push that email subscription as much as ever, these days!) that is made specifically for them. It is easy to use and intuitive enough to take the guesswork and legwork out of the process.

There are also a few solutions allowing you to integrate some level of personalization to your WordPress site.

Personalize Content Recommendations with Alter

Need help customizing content rather than products? Then you need to check out Alter. This incredible bit of artificial intelligence learns from a visitors browsing and habits and points them towards the content that is going to be most relevant to them.


You will see visitors being guided naturally to whatever will interest them most and so will have a higher impact that will build brand awareness, loyalty and relevance every time they step onto your site.

Personalize Email Marketing with Campaign Monitor

This is one of my personal favorites. Campaign Monitor is a super simple to use generator for drip emails. It has two ways to customize content: first, it is the basic changes you would expect to align with the reader, such as their name, their gender, etc.

Second, it has a more advanced data curator which is driven by their habits and helps to personalize the email. They have premade templates that make it easy and fast to use, but no less effective than doing it by scratch.

Email personalization

Their guide on email marketing personalization is worth a read too.

Marketing personalization doesn’t have to be such an aggressive advertisement. It can be as bold or subtle as you choose, tailored to meet the wants and needs of your demographic. Perhaps it is as simple as creating custom videos, or narrowing in on a local community.

Do you have any tools for marketing personalization? Let us know in the comments!

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